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History, Development, And Invention Of A Mobile Phone



Mobile Phone History

The mobile phone industry is leading a big role in the world. When we talk about its history and invention there are many things to discuss. As we know that the mobile phone was invented by a man named Martin Cooper and the first mobile phone was invented in 1973 by him.

Nowadays, a mobile phone is so in touch with all people, that they can’t live a single day without their mobile phones. And they actually think that they can’t live without their mobile phones, in fact, it has been only 40 to 70 years mobile phones are launched around the world. Before a mobile phone, there were telephones and landlines.

People used these inventions for only calling their loved ones from far across the nation. The technology is growing forward day by day at a very high rate. When the mobile phone invented, people life was made easy.

As they don’t have to go anywhere by calling, they can just get connected to their relatives, friends or anyone they want to. In mobile phone history, there were many mobiles, with new features. As each mobile phone carries new features in it.

Moreover, when mobile phones came in being people used it in a better and good way. The very first companies of the mobile phone were Motorolla and Nokia. These two companies are still launching new featured latest mobile phones each year. When the mobile phone was developed, people used it a lot.

Now also we use it everywhere for calling, messaging, Whatsapp, pictures etc. The mobile phone plays an important role in our lives always.

When a mobile phone was launched in the world, people saw many latest features. These developed mobile phones were used by them in many different ways. The mobile phone is still launching new technologies in it.

As we know that the mobile phone industry is developing day by day, and we all want to buy a new mobile for yourself every year. In the mobile phone industry, there are also many companies who sell and buy their phone and takes it to us. There are some online companies and websites which do the same.

I want to sell my mobile, I use these sites for buying and selling these new mobile phones. A mobile phone market is building huge varieties of cell phones with us, which means buying a new phone each year is not a bad option for us.

The mobile phone industry invented a lot of mobile phones, which are easy to use and have slim body sets. According to history when the first mobile was invented, at that times, people use to talk with their relatives near, through a matchbox and thread system. Whenever a person wants to talk to another person, they tried to use this process.

Well, some of the mobile industry is still launching new and popular mobiles like Apple and Samsung. There are many uses of these phones, as you can also save your personal documents in it. As we know that these mobile phones are getting a quite expensive day by day. But still, it’s our need that is why we buy it at any cost.

At the starting, when a mobile phone was launched it was not so expensive because it was not even having a lot of features in it. After updating and upgrading the devices in new forms, it made the value of a phone very high which then went expensive for us. The mobile phone has changed and developed so rapidly that I think in the future, the mobile phones are going to become even more expensive with more upgraded features.

A mobile phone is so much in use nowadays, that people are replacing their other gadgets with mobile phones especially like cameras and video cameras. Because when the people are getting all the features in one device which is also very easy to carry, then who is going to spent more money on other electronic devices, so the people don’t bother themselves to carry such big devices, and they just go with their mobile phones which are having good cameras in it already. The mobile phone industry changed everything in the new phones that the customer expects.

In the early ages, the phone was used to just talk on calls by people, but then later the mobile phone industry integrated some more features in it. As we know that from the past and now in the recent years, the purpose of a mobile phone has turned from a verbal communication tool to a multimedia tool, and nowadays we call it mobile instead of the phone at all.

Because we now use our mobile phones more for searching the web pages, checking the emails, snapping our photos, and updating our social media status than actually placing phone calls. There were also some phones in the past which were too large and was not so easy to use for people.

We are not just sharing the pleasure of a mobile phone we get from. But also there are a lot of disadvantages to it, as for other companies gadgets are being replaced by mobile phones. So it went really bad for their business.

After launching Apple iPhones in a market, the smartphones are more in use, and it became an addiction for people who use it.

They always buy new smartphones and sell the old one each year. In our country, the market for a mobile phone is very unique and great. That is why we all people want to buy a new smartphone always, and we really look after it. The mobile phone is being launched on monthly basis in a new latest slim body and with very rare casings. The past history of a mobile phone was also very unique in all sense. That’s why we say that a smartphone is now growing more rapidly than before.

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Technology Importance For Business – Best Investment Options in Tech Stocks



Technology Importance For Business

Technology plays a vital role in the progress of any business. The business with new and innovative products and services has a competitive edge over its rivals. With new expertise and knowledge, everyone can perform faster and bigger tasks efficiently without wasting the time.

Different businesses have different requirements but the vast use of the techniques to perform tasks: is for financial statement building, inventory management, and communication.

Business Communication

Business Communication

The internal and external communication becomes more inexpensive for the different types of business due to the invention of the Internet, now you can communicate anywhere in the world at no cost.

Businesses can put advertisements on the internet and can get the attention of thousands of people globally.

Marketing manager communicates with their sales through the use of the internet. The websites, blogs, social media, emails platforms and calling & messaging tools all help to communicate on the internet.

The businesses send and receive documents fastly through the use of the electronic mail anywhere in the world.

Besides these, the other sources of communication are mobile phone and telephone, every day new innovation in the mobile sectors introduced in the market. Due to the improved and the inexpensive technology makes it happen to afford a mobile phone for every individual. The mobile phone communication is at its highest in the current scenario. Every employee has availability of mobile phone and managers can contact them for business matters easily anywhere.

The fax machine used for communication has been reduced due to Internet innovation.

Improvement In Production

Improvement In Production

The improvement in production occurs due to the technology innovation in the communication. The communication helps to boost the production capacity in whatever business you are doing work or what you are manufacturing.

The company who are using innovative tools and machinery have a distinctive edge over their competitors. The highly innovative machinery technology makes possible for the small businesses to compete with big businesses in the industry. The production and accuracy have been increased and wastage reduces due to new researched technology.

The MasterCard, visa cards and ATMs all are examples of best online technology that every cardholder or customer can experience. No need to wait in lines just scans the barcode and get out of the store. Every ATM card-holder can transfer money to other business ATM.

Store Management

Store management

The warehouse management becomes very easy for every business with the introduction of various inventory management systems. The automation in inventory is giving more advantages to the businesses in the entire world.

Different technology businesses are offering inventory systems according to the requirements of the businesses. The system helps to keep the inventory up to date and records what is and what is out. The inventory reporting is also one of the great features of the inventory management system.

Financial Transaction Management And Reporting

Technology finance

Different software companies are offering the services of financial transactions handling the software. The businesses have easy access to these and are ordering them for the tailored made financial software’s. Every transaction enters into this software by the accountants, the automatic generation of financial reports like income statement and automation is the distinctive edge of this technology.

Best Investment Options in Tech Stocks

The price of a stock is the great indicator of the company profit. The companies can deceive the investors by making the wrong changes in earning and sales. The companies can also minimize its cost and increase the revenue to show more earning in the specific periods

In order to get higher profits needs to invest in the company stock which if offering higher dividends and EPS. Before to make any investment in the technology do some analysis, like read the company previous quarterly or yearly reports, look at how much the company is earning. Also read the estimations, predictions and forecast by the authentic analysts about the company.



The google is earning six billion dollars from the sale of online ads, It is equal to the sales of all television channels or networks. The other division of the tech is Google apps, Health wellness, and care, maps, and cars. The company is also investing in more than three hundred businesses like Nest and Uber.



The world largest e-commerce store first quarter earning was 51 billion dollars and is net profit is 1.6 billion. The Amazon stock earning per share is at 5.07 $ in the mid of the year 2018. Its other division includes of computing business. The company price to earnings ratio is at 95 highest in the market.



Facebook is in one of the biggest social media platform in the world. The company total earning is 25197 dollars in mid of the year 2018 and eps is recorded at 3.43 dollars. The recent downfall in the number of Facebook decreases due to some security reasons but still, the investors have the opportunity to in Facebook and can earn heavy returns.

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